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Loi Krathong is an event held throughout the full moon of November. It is celebrated in the southwestern Thai culture and also is most likely the most romantic celebration of the year.

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What Loi Krathong

To comprehend this festival it is essential to clarify its significance– words ‘Loi’ actually indicates ‘to float’ while the word ‘Krathong’ represents the lotus designed vessel that drifts on the water, generally made from a banana tree stalk or perhaps bread.

The Krathongs are embellished with banana leaves, candles and also blossoms and afterwards, they are delegated float down a river on the night of the moon.

This act is symbolic of letting go of all rage and also animosities and beginning again afresh, and many individuals believe that it will certainly additionally bring excellent luck and also joy.

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When is Loi Krathong

The celebration takes area on the eve of the full moon throughout the 12th month in the conventional Thai Lunar schedule. This is usually November in the western schedule.

Well, those seem to have come from one more celebration that happens around the exact same time called Yi Peng, a time to make value. Having the chance to take component in 2 spiritual as well as social events on the very same night was really something rather remarkable.


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