Koh Samui Beaches

Koh Samui Beaches

Chaweng Beach

A very busy beach in Samui is Chaweng Beach. This is very popular because of its proximity to the airport and the fact that it is a highly developed area on the island. People come here to experience the local nightlife at the Green Mango Strip and get a taste of yummy Thai dishes. Those who are looking for souvenirs to give to friends and family will love it here as there are a good number of shops where you can buy locally made trinkets and goodies.


Lamai Beach

The beach of Lamai is a favorite among tourists who love to try diving as there are good diving schools in the area. This is Koh Samui’s second largest beach and is a good choice for family holidays as the prices here are cheaper as compared to Chaweng. The famous Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks can be found here. One of the frequented attractions in this part of the island is Escapology where you can have fun finding your way in the escape room.


Choeng Mon Beach

A beautiful but pricey beach destination is Choeng Mon. This is not recommended if you are on a tight budget but is a great choice if you want to splurge while on the island. Among Choeng Mon’s patrons are older guests and travelers from Europe who enjoy being surrounded by upscale facilities. The beach is ideal for swimming and a good place to find wonderful souvenirs.


Big Buddha Beach

Only a quarter of an hour away from Chaweng, the idyllic location of the Big Buddha Beach is a reason why it is popular among those who are on the island for the first time. The nightlife here is great and the accommodation options are promising. Here you can easily find cheap to mid price places to stay, making it a good destination for families and backpackers.


Bophut Beach

This beach in Samui has a distinct Mediterranean flair but is less pricey. Known for the Fisherman Village, the Bophut Beach is another exciting place where you can spend your Thailand vacation. Here you can lounge along the shoreline, check out its nightlife, and pig out on great tasting local cuisine. One of the hit activities here is the Go-Kart since it’s a lot of fun and can be enjoyed by the whole family. 

Hua Thanon Beach

Guests who are interested in a beach with a quiet and more laidback atmosphere will have a great time in Hua Thanon. This part of the island is a Muslim community so it is considerably more peaceful and quite homey. If you want to go to the island to relax, enjoy nature, and avoid the city noise, Hua Thanon is the perfect beach destination for you.


Lipa Noi Beach

Another great beach for people who are seeking some peace and quiet is Lipa Noi. Its location is quite remote but its proximity to the pier makes accessibility no problem. Because the beach water is shallow, it is a good place to bring the entire family to swim. This beach is also a good choice for couples who are in Samui for a romantic holiday.


Maenam Beach

Maenam Beach is a fun destination regardless of what kind of traveler you are. Here it does not matter if you want it cheap or expensive as the area is filled with accommodations and places of interest that are suitable for all kinds of budget. For guests who would like to try some of the local spas and wellness centers, a good place to visit in Maenam is the Sukko Cultural Spa.


Taling Ngam Beach

A stunning beach to check on the island is Taling Ngam. This area is a well loved destination because of its breathtaking views and enchanting scenery. This is only about an hour away from all the fun and partying at Chaweng. Fishing enthusiasts who want to experience giant catches can check out Top Cats Fresh Water Fishing. In Taling Ngam one can also visit the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom, which is a good place to bring the kids to for some learning experience.


Laem Set Beach

An underdeveloped yet still beautiful beach in Koh Samui is Laem Set. This is a good choice for travelers who love to be at the beach for what it is---the sand, the breeze, and the tranquil waters. Here you can enjoy the quiet tropical atmosphere that the more crowded beaches of the island can’t provide.


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