Bali Beaches

Bali Beaches

Bali is definitely one of the world’s top beach destinations. With its amazing weather, crystal clear waters, and breathtaking scenery, Bali is the perfect place to hang out at the beach and enjoy the soothing aquatic ambience provided by the island. The ideal time to go on a Bali beach holiday is from April to September, when the weather is at its best. Here are Bali’s most loved beaches.

Kuta Beach

Without a doubt, Kuta is the island’s most popular beach haven. The beach is simply gorgeous and is considered by many to be the best in Bali, even all throughout Asia. This is a tourist magnet and is a top spot for surfers. Here, the main attraction is the Indian Ocean beachfront, which is truly camera worthy.

People who come here are backpackers and families from various parts of the globe. Kuta is particularly very popular among Australia’s younger set.

Kuta is a no-fail destination as it has plenty of attractions that capture various interests. Here one can practice yoga, surf, shop, or simply get sun baked at the shoreline. Local spas are highly recommended for those who are planning to de-stress and unwind while on a vacation.

Overall, this is a good family beach but can be very crowded especially during peak season. This is also recommended for holiday goers who want a good nightlife destination.


Nusa Dua

This beach in Bali is very large and is a good destination for those who would love to witness a truly lovely sunset. Because there is plenty of space, Nusa Dua is recommended for those who are looking for a more peaceful beach setting. Since it is not a hot venue for action packed water sports, it is generally safe for swimming and taking lazy afternoon strolls. This is nice for a quiet break with the whole family or a romantic getaway with a loved one. When the tides are low, this place offers opportunities to really enjoy the shoreline and even see exotic species like sea cucumbers and starfishes.



The beauty of Seminyak is truly unrivaled, making it the ideal place for a memorable beach wedding and honeymoon. The beach is drop dead gorgeous and the sky happens to be always clear and bright. Its latte colored sand blends harmoniously with the jewel blue beach water and is just a majestic sight to behold.

Seminyak is upscale, luxurious, and refined. It is a haven for A-list travelers and its sophisticated air makes it very attractive to the rich and famous. This is a good destination if you love the finest things in life and you expect nothing but the best dining places, hotels, and spas. Here, shopping is a delightful activity too, since there are plenty of shops and boutiques that offer high quality and top shelf goods.

Art lovers would love this place as well because there are art galleries and studios nearby. The Folk Art Gallery is a recommended venue for those who’d like to get to know more about Southeast Asian arts and crafts.

Because of its mostly upscale amenities and accommodations, Seminyak is not a good place for backpackers but is a good place to splurge and have a luxurious vacation.


Karma Beach

If a beautiful private beach is what you prefer you cannot go wrong with Karma Beach. This is among Bali’s not-so-well-known beaches and is still very organic and raw in beauty. Just seeing the bright blue water is a pleasure in itself. If you happen to be a fan of white sand beaches and would love to see breathtaking lagoons, this is for you. This place is very exclusive and if you want to get here, you must prepare to spend big. When you see it, you’ll know every cent is worth it though. Aside from the unmatched scenery, kayaking is another popular attraction here.


Green Bowl Beach

Another hidden Bali beauty is the Green Bowl Beach. For visitors who want to take the path less travelled for their beach holiday, this is a good option. A few steps down the beach lead to a mesmerizing spot where you can enjoy unforgettable views. Because it is not as popular as say Kuta Beach, here you can expect some peace and quiet. If you prefer some action, you can go surfing. The waves are huge and will definitely make the sport truly enjoyable.


Lovina Beach

For beachgoers who want to swim, the Lovina Beach is perfect. Here the waves are calm and low, making it quite safe for swimming. Lovina Beach is a good stop if you want to avoid the tourists and would want to get in touch with the locals. There is a fisherman’s village nearby and soothing hot springs if you want to do something relaxing after a tiring day of swimming.


Jimbaran Beach

A good beach for relaxation and swimming is Jimbaran Beach. This is known for its delicate sand and turquoise waters. Here you can find upscale and mid-priced accommodations. There is however very little choice, if any, for budget travelers.

Jimbaran is a haven for those who love seafood as there are really good seafood restaurants in the area. Here you can connect with the locals at the Jimbaran Market, visit some spas, and also enjoy surfing. Nightlife here is not a big thing so if you want to go to Bali for some serious partying, this is not a good option.


Dreamland Beach

Now called the New Kuta Beach, this is another famous surfing beach in Bali. Situated on the Bukit Peninsula, this is a beautiful beach that is known for its giant waves. The beach area is quite small so if you want a long stretch of shoreline, you may want to go someplace else.



Black sand fans will certainly love it here. This is a prominent black sand beach in Bali. This is a universally appealing destination as it has plenty of establishments that are easy on the pocket. The scenery is awesome, the folks are friendly, and the beach is generally peaceful. While this beach leaves something to be desired in terms of cleanliness, it is an ideal spot in Bali for snorkeling.


Legian Beach

Legian Beach is recommended for the whole family as the waters are calm and the beach is clean. At the beach, you can gaze at the golden sunset or have a snack in one of the local dining places nearby. This is less crowded than Kuta and is also a good pick for those who want affordable establishments. The diversity of commerce at the Legian Beach makes it suitable for everyone. Here it does not matter if you want to splurge or are just looking for something budget friendly. This is an ideal surfing venue and is a good place to play beach football.


Sanur Beach

If you are looking for the kind of upscale holiday offered by Seminyak but you want something a bit more affordable, Sanur Beach is a must see destination. Because Sanur is peaceful and tranquil, it is appealing to the mature market, particularly those who are not a fan of the noise and a heavy dose of party energy. As the oldest resort area on the island, this has everything you’d expect in a beach. There are diving schools, shops, cafes, and spas that you can try. Despite having a reputation for being expensive, Sanur caters to all kinds of budgets.


Bingin Beach

A crowded but popular beach among those who are new to surfing and those who’d like to swim is Bingin. The water is particularly relaxing and there are plenty of dining places where you can gaze at the shore line while enjoying good food. This is great if you want to experience one of Bali’s beaches without spending so much money.

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