Bali Top Attractions

Bali Top Attractions

Bali is a favorite among travelers as it is very diverse in terms of attractions. With breathtaking beauty, a generally sunny weather, delightful beaches, and great food, this is such a fun island to explore. There are so many things that you can do on a Bali holiday. It’s just hard to feel bored in a place that is so rich in culture and has the most distinctive sights in Asia.

Elephant Safari Rides

If you want to explore the island in a slow but fun pace, a good way to do it is to ride an elephant. The ride will take you to Bali’s lush jungles and will give you a chance to enjoy nature as you relax. This is a cool activity for couples on their honeymoon and is also something that is appreciated by the kids. The cost of a typical elephant ride is about USD 150.


Ubud Discovery Packages

For those who want to see the rice fields as well as take a trip to see the volcano, this discovery package is a must try. This will allow you to see the hot springs and take you to the community where they make some of the finest gold and silver items on the island.


Wellness Spas

Like most destinations in Asia, the island of Bali is also a home to some of the best wellness centers. Here you can try holistic body treatments and be able to soothe your tension and stress with amazing spa treatments. Because the spas use only all natural ingredients, the effect of each treatment will definitely make you feel better. Among the commonly used extracts and oils are from ginger, sandalwood, and coconut. For couples, sensual flowers such as jasmine and frangipani are used to enhance the mood and relieve stress during the wedding and honeymoon.


Mount Batur

When it comes to sights, Mount Batur is a consistent favorite. This is an active volcano and is spectacular to behold.


Paintball War Games

Paintball Bali on Jimbaran Hill is a spacious playing field where you can team up with other players in an exciting round of paintball war. This is a messy, thrilling, and fun activity that is a hit among teenagers and adults.


Bali Zoo

The island has a diverse ecosystem and a place where you can take the kids to see the animals is at the Bali Zoo. The zoo allows you to pet and feed the animals such as birds and monkeys.


Cooking Lessons

For those who love Balinese food and would like to learn how to cook some signature Balinese dishes, a 1 day cooking lesson is something you can consider. Be taught by a skilled chef and improve your cooking skills while having fun.


Botanical Garden in Ubud

Nature lovers should not miss out on Ubud’s Botanical Garden. This houses the island’s first maze and gives visitors a chance to get back to nature and enjoy a simple organic environment.



An exhilarating way to see the landscape and the coastline of Bali is to go paragliding. On Bukit, you will be in the hands of a well trained instructor who will be with you on a thrilling 20 minute ride.


Harley Rentals

For those who want to explore Bali while riding a badass motorcycle, you can rent some top of the line Harley Davidson bikes on the island as well.


Meditation Classes

Your holiday in Bali is a chance to get connected with your spirituality and de-stress. On the island, you can meditate in a serene environment or take meditation classes if you are not yet familiar with the process.



A visit to Bali won’t be that fulfilling if you miss out on snorkeling. The waters of the island are a home to lots of amazing underwater species. A snorkeling session is a lot of fun and very educational too.

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