Koh Samui Island Nightlife

Koh Samui Island Nightlife

Green Mango Strip
Chaweng is particularly known for its bar complex called the Green Mango Strip. Here you can find the best party places where you can enjoy good music and drink lots of amazing cocktails. The establishments located on this part of the island are very contemporary and were designed to be on par with some of the world’s trendiest nightlife venues. The dance floors are spacious and the lighting system makes the party ambience even more exciting.



Beach Party at the ARK Bar
Truly a hit among party goers, the ARK Bar is known for its Famous Wednesday. If you love beach parties, this is a good venue that you simply can’t miss. The place is even okay for kids because of its wholesome atmosphere. The bar is located right at the heart of Chaweng.



Reggae Pub Samui
For those who are a fan of reggae music, a nice place where you can spend your balmy evenings on the island is at the Reggae Pub Samui. Here you can dance the night away and listen to comforting sounds. The house band called “Big Roots” plays superb sounding music that will surely allow you to have a great time.



Solo Club
This is a notable club that is situated in Suratthani. Solo Club is a perfect venue for friends and for the whole family.



Samui Thai Boxing
Aside from partying at the bars and having a lavish dinner on some of the island’s best restaurants, another way you can spend your evening is to watch Muay Thai. This is Thailand’s national sport and is very popular among locals and tourists alike. A good venue to watch Thai Boxing is the Chaweng Stadium.



Fusion Club Lamai
While Chaweng is the ever popular island party place, Lamai also has a famous nightclub joint---the Fusion Club. This is a great venue to hang out with friends or meet new people.



Full Moon at Koh Phangan
Koh Phangan, which is near Samui, is frequented for its full moon and half moon parties. These parties are pure fun, unforgettable, and give you a chance to socialize and get to know interesting people.




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