Bali Nightlife

Bali Nightlife

Bali has enough attractions to please everyone, especially the evening partygoers. On the island, there is a wide array of trendy bars and clubs that will get you going all night long. Fancy party ambience, great music, yummy cocktails, and amazing food----Bali has everything for you.

Yolo Bar

The Yolo Bar is as cool as its name. This is one of Kuta’s best nightlife venues and is considered to be also one of the best in Bali. The place is famous for its vodka infusions and attentive staff. This is a great spot to have some drinks with friends and enjoy some music. Its wholesome atmosphere makes it a good party place for basically everyone. Here, the owners make sure that the guests are welcome and comfortable. Yolo Bar has an impressive selection of board games so you can play while enjoying your drink.


Mirror Night Club

This place in Denpasar is known for its European inspired interiors. The lavish décor coupled by great service and reasonably priced drinks make this a great place to spend the night while in Bali. The lighting used for the interiors is out of this world and creates a church-like atmosphere that makes drinking cocktails a bit odd but interesting.


Ku De Ta

Known as one of the hottest beachfront clubs in Seminyak, this is recommended for guests who enjoy great food and high quality champagne. The food here is 5 star, while the sunset is particularly eye-catching as well. Service is good and the ambience is just right for a night of chill out.


Cocoon Restaurant and Bar

This stylish bar in Legian is famous among the hip crowd. Here they play a mélange of local and international music. Cocoon is famous for its fun pool parties and refreshing cocktails.


Single Fin

The youngsters never miss the vibe at Single Fin. Here the crowd is younger than most of Bali’s local bars. Because it is extremely popular, crowd starts to gather around sunset. If you are planning to go here, make sure to schedule to arrive early as the place becomes fully packed come night time. The scenery is fantastic and worth checking out. The food is mid priced and fairly okay.


La Plancha

If your party style is more casual and you happen to enjoy gazing at the beach scenery more than being enclosed in trendy interiors, La Plancha is a good place to have fun in Bali. Here the crowd is a whole lot of fun and the food, which is mostly Spanish, is reasonably priced.



Mint is another popular night club in Seminyak. This caters to the up market crowd and the middle aged set. The place is modern and trendy, with a glamorous following.



Guests who are interested to hear local bands can visit Ozigo. This caters to all age groups and is perfect for those who want to amp it up on the dance floor.


Hu'u Bar

A highly rated bar that is known for its fusion offerings, this place offers great tasting food and unique cocktails. The service is pretty good and the staffs are friendly and knowledgeable. Its garden is romantic and beautiful and very much suited even for a date.


MBargo Club

This used to be the IT place in Bali but now the crowd is no longer that big. It is still worth checking though.


Potato Head Beach Club Bali

Another popular Bali nightclub spot in Seminyak, this is great holiday venue for those who’d love to relax, eat delicious food, and party. The service is commendable and the party atmosphere is excellent.


La Favela Bali

For those who are looking for a place where they can unwind and dance the night away, La Favela Bali is a nice pick. Delicious food, interesting décor, and a whole lot of dancing are among the things that you can expect here.


Hard Rock Café Bali

For a wholesome night out, definitely check out Hard Rock Café Bali. The menu is all American and the music never fails to excite. This is located in Kuta.


Sky Garden Rooftop Lounge

With a state-of-the-art laser lighting and modern sound system, you will have a blast at Sky Garden. This is currently one of the trendiest places for a night of fun and party in Bali. This place is known for its buffets and great entertainment.


Kuta Theatre

If you are not much of a party and cocktails fan but you still want to spend the night out in Bali, you can head to the Kuta Theatre. This place offers theatrical performances and cultural shows. This is a nice place where you can bring the whole family.


Gracie Kelly’s Irish Pub

For guests who’d like to drink the Irish way, Gracie Kelly’s will not disappoint. This offers everything Irish—from the food, to the drinks, to the music. It is a nice break from all the usual trendy bars and clubs.

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