Bali Shopping

Bali Shopping

Your holiday in Bali will not be complete without some serious shopping. Good thing there are lots of very good shopping places on the island. You won’t be disappointed. In Bali you can find eccentric furniture, handmade jewelry, colorful clothing, and plenty of arts and crafts.

Discovery Shopping Mall

Known for its beachfront view, this mall is one of the popular shopping places in Kuta. This is one of the largest malls on the island and is a recommended family place and a good hangout for friends. This carries both local and international brands and is accessible since it is only 10 minutes away from the airport. Some of the world’s well loved food chains can be found here. There’s Burger King, KFC, and Starbucks. Pizza places are also available. The good mix of indoor and outdoor environment makes this a very relaxing place to shop.


Mal Bali Galleria

Also in Kuta, this is another venue where you can shop. If you are looking for variety, this place won’t disappoint. This has a bit of everything and is a good one stop shop if you are planning to buy lots of different items. Mal Bali Galleria is spacious and offers goods at very reasonable prices. Points of interest such as ATM booths, hardware stores, and money changer, are also available.



Situated at Sunset Road, this is a good market where you can buy your favorite food essentials like dairy and baked items. Gadgets, appliances, and clothing can also be purchased here.


Centro Department Store

For the world’s best fashion items, it is recommended that you visit the Centro Department Store. The biggest names like Prada, Gucci, and Clinique can be found here.



When shopping, make sure that you plan ahead. If you have friends who have been to Bali, ask what local items are worth getting and where to get them. Since the cost of living in Bali is lower than most tourist destinations, the prices of merchandise are expected to be low.

Always bring cash and loose change with you. While there are establishments that accept major credit cards, you can’t always rely on your card for your purchases especially when buying from small shops. Aside from always checking the quality of the items before buying, don’t hesitate to bargain when shopping at open markets.

Souvenirs can be found everywhere in Bali. Most tourists don’t have problems choosing the perfect souvenir as there are plenty to choose from. There’s Balinese coffee, sarongs, handmade soaps, and paintings to name a few. You also can’t go wrong with silver items and wooden carvings. Avoid shopping in Duty Free outlets for souvenirs or you’ll be ripped off.

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