Koh Samui Tours and Day Trips

Koh Samui Tours and Day Trips

Safari Tour
For your Samui vacation, you can book for a safari tour. A typical safari tour on the island lasts half a day and offers a chance to see the monkeys, visit the crocodiles, and ride the elephant. The tour also takes guests to a number of the island’s top tourist attractions such as Nathon, the Kunaram Temple, and some local parks.



Big Game Fishing
Koh Samui is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts as its waters are blessed with an abundance of exotic marine creatures. Fishing daytrips in Samui allows you to catch big fishes that will make your portfolio even more interesting. Some of the fishes to look out for are snapper and barracuda. 



Ang Thong Marine National Park
Another way you can enjoy the island outdoors is to ride a kayak at the Ang Thong Marine National Park. This is a beautiful place where you can visit some mysterious caves and enjoy a tasty meal outdoors. The wild ambience and the abundance of greenery make this a fun place for nature lovers. Here you can snorkel, see local creatures, and get a dose of fresh air.



Koh Samui Cruise and Yacht Charters
Guests who’d like to see most of the island without the hassle can go on a cruise or charter a yacht. Cruising the island waters is a comfortable and romantic way to see the best local sights and soak up the tropical island sunshine. Cruising can take you to Samui’s loveliest attractions as well as the surrounding islands.



Snorkeling Package
Those who’d like to check out Koh Tan and Koh Madsum can book a snorkeling package. These two islands are both lovely and worth visiting.



Koh Phangan Daytrip
This island is Koh Samui’s well known neighbor and is a known destination among party goers especially those who are into full moon parties. A daytrip to Koh Phangan will give you a chance to enjoy the island’s beauty.



Koh Tao and Nang Yuan Daytrip
Known as the turtle island, Koh Tao is a breathtaking stop if you want a memorable Thailand holiday. Koh Nang Yuan is also beautiful and is a popular ground for fishing and snorkeling. A ride on a longboat will take you to these two islands.



Boat Sunset Trip
A romantic boat ride in time for the sunset is a hit among couples and those who simply love sunsets. Men who think about popping the big question often book for a boat ride at sunset to ensure a memorable and more enchanting proposal.



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