Phuket Watersports

Phuket Watersports

In Phuket you can enjoy water sports all year round. You just have to time your visit so you’d be able to enjoy your favorite water activity on your stay. Those who love to snorkel should come visit around November to April when the tides are not that rough. Those who are into surfing should schedule their Phuket holiday anytime from May to October to take advantage of the huge waves. If you are planning your honeymoon in Phuket, these water activities will add thrill to your post wedding vacation.


Riding a giant parachute definitely is a hit for a lot of water sports fans and here in Phuket, you can enjoy this sport because of the very favorable climatic conditions. Patong Beach is Phuket’s most popular venue for parasailing. If you haven’t tried this yet but are interested, be prepared to spend about 1,300 Baht for a 5 minute ride.



November to May is the best period for windsurfing in Phuket. Just like in most water sports, Patong is the place of choice for many enthusiasts. Phuket has 8 windsurfing institutions so you have plenty of choices in case you want to try this sport.



The Phuket Wake Park is an impressing venue for wakeboarding on the island. Since it opened in 1997, it has been visited by families not only for its wakeboarding facilities but also for its wonderful dining scene. The restaurant serves delicious food such as steaks, fresh sandwiches, and plenty of seafood dishes.



Phuket’s rich waters provide visitors with a lot of reasons to try snorkeling. While this activity can be done all year round on the island, the best time to snorkel is from November to April. May to October are not that much recommended because this time of the year can be dangerous for this particular sport.



Phuket has a lot of hidden places that are best reached by a small boat or canoe. Riding a kayak will provide you with a breathtaking experience of the island’s spectacular scenery.



A fairly new sport, kitesurfing is among Phuket’s most popular water activities. On the island, you can ride giant kite for an exhilarating tropical experience. For those who are new to the sport, there are kiteboarding schools on the island. They provide the equipment and teach you the basics and more if you are willing to pay for it.


Jet Ski

Like in most beach destinations, jet ski is also a hit in Phuket. Ride the waves in your high speed motor vehicle and have liberating moment out on the sea. A 30 minute ride on the jet ski can cost up to 1,500 depending on several conditions such as the type of equipment, the season, and the place where you hire the jet ski.


Surf House

In Phuket, you can surf all year round, even if the beach doesn’t have the waves that give you the thrill. At the Surf House, waves are everywhere. This is located at the Kata Beach and is the perfect venue to ride the waves.


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