Phuket Activities

Phuket Activities


Phuket is one of the most beautiful beach destinations in the world. It’s a lovely island in the tropics and has plenty to offer regardless of your holiday style. Whether you love to party or you just happen to enjoy the tranquility offered by the light jewel blue water, there is a perfect beach waiting for you here....Read more


Phuket is an exciting island to visit because of its many exciting attractions. Whether you want to explore its nature gifts, get most of its tropical climate, or perhaps experience something that you have never tried before, Phuket is a destination that will surely deliver and never disappoint. ...Read more


In Phuket you can enjoy water sports all year round. You just have to time your visit so you’d be able to enjoy your favorite water activity on your stay. Those who love to snorkel should come visit around November to April when the tides are not that rough. Those who are into surfing should schedule their Phuket holiday anytime from May to October to take advantage of the huge waves. If you are planning your honeymoon in Phuket, these water activities will add thrill to your post wedding vacation....Read more

Family Attractions

Phuket has more to offer than just beach resorts. Now more options are available for families to choose from. If you are travelling with kids and are wondering what to do during your stay, here are some suggestions....Read more


The island of Phuket has lots of dining places to offer its guests. Whether you fancy some Western favorites or want to indulge in Asian flavors, you can easily satisfy your palate with these impressive restaurants....Read more


Having been a favorite tourist destination for many years, Phuket never fails it visitors with its attractions. Every memorable holiday always involves plenty of shopping and here on the island, there are many places where you can buy some stuff and burn some cash. ...Read more


Phuket is known for many things like its fabulous beaches, exotic food, and carefree vacation atmosphere. The local nightlife is also one of the reasons why people come to visit this lovely Asian destination. Check out these popular evening venues....Read more

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