Bali Restaurants

Bali Restaurants

Eating out in Bali is sure to be a lot of fun and is a favorite pastime of both locals and tourists. To satisfy different palates, there is a wide range of variety of restaurants on the island. Whether you’d like a taste of true Balinese flavors or you are craving old Western favorites or even indulgent comfort foods, you can easily find a dining place to love in Bali. Here are some of the top Bali dining places you should not miss.

Metis Bali Restaurant

Delicious food and a sophisticated yet homey ambience await you at Metis Bali. This restaurant has a highly varied menu and serves a good selection of appetizers, rice, and pasta dishes. They even have decadent desserts and some of everyone’s favorite comfort foods. Among those you should not miss are the fish and chips, vanilla BBQ pork ribs, black pepper steak, and homemade sherbet. Also, don’t forget to try the butternut pumpkin and ginger risotto.


Poppies Restaurant

Poppies is a charming hotel that is known for its cottages. The restaurant serves good Indonesian and international food. The ambience here will make any nature lover feel happy. There are plants everywhere and the style of the place will instantly make you feel at home. Poppies has 4 decades of history and is among the most respectable restaurants in the area. Try their homemade soups and their very popular Fisherman’s Basket that is perfect for two persons.


Swept Away

Located at the Samaya Restaurant, this is a recommended dining place for couples who want a romantic date setting. The location is very enchanting and the food is always good. Their salmon and lamb chops are a must try.


Mama San Kitchen

Mama San’s Kitchen’s menu is a lovely mix of Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian and local cuisines. Some of the restaurant’s best dishes are the Thai Beef Salad, grilled minced pork belly, and Chow Mein noodles. This restaurant is located in Seminyak and is worth a try if you want to have the ultimate Asian feast.



Also in Seminyak, this is a favorite of seafood lovers and those who only like the freshest fish cooked and served on their plate. Among the strengths of Sardine is its ever changing menu. Even old patrons consistently find new favorites at Sardine so they keep on coming back. Their pan seared scallops is a hit.


Naughty Nuri’s Warung

Fans of BBQ or grilled food will certainly love it here. This is Ubud’s most notable grill restaurant that serves the tastiest pork ribs. Naughty Nuri’s Warung serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Those who will be dining for the first time must try the sausages and well as the tuna steak.




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