Phuket Restaurants

Phuket Restaurants

The island of Phuket has lots of dining places to offer its guests. Whether you fancy some Western favorites or want to indulge in Asian flavors, you can easily satisfy your palate with these impressive restaurants.

Acqua Restaurant

Best known for its futuristic theme, this restaurant is located at the Kalim Beach. This is a chic Italian restaurant that boasts some of the best wines on the island. Among their best dishes is the grilled tuna. This restaurant is very posh and may rip your budget very easily. However, the great tasting food, the top notch service, and the elegant ambience make it all worth it.


Ka Jok See

For a lively party atmosphere and yummy Thai food, this dining place highly recommended. Its homey décor plus good food make Ka Jok See one of the island’s most notable restaurants. The fried spring rolls and refreshing pomelo salad are very delicious.



Located in Phuket Town, this is another restaurant that serves authentic Thai dishes. The design of the place is very traditional and the recipes are old school Thai with a twist. The tuna massaman curry is much talked about as well as the restaurant’s decadent Belgian chocolate lava cake.


Palai Seafood

Your holiday in Phuket will not be complete without a seafood feast. There are many dining places that serve great tasting sea produce. There are upscale places, mid range places, and really affordable spots such as the Palai Seafood. This is a low key restaurant and serves really spicy dishes so make sure to tell the server to go easy on the chili if you don’t like too much heat.


Trisara Seafood Restaurant

For a luxurious take on seafood favorites, guests can try Trisara. This place brings 5 star dining into a whole new level with its delectable food selections and posh ambience. This is a romantic venue for a honeymoon date, making it a favorite hangout among couples. The tuna tartar with pomelo and ginger is a refreshing and light on the palate as can be. For those who are craving comfort food, the fish and chips is worth a try. 


Lock Tien

If you are craving for some spring roll and cooling iced dessert, this is a great place to visit. Lock Tien serves authentic tasting Thai cuisine and the friendly ambience is very attractive.



For yummy curry dishes and delectable fried noodles, Wilai is a must try. Wilai also serves luscious smoothies and other iced goodies to beat the summer heat.


Home Kitchen

The design of this restaurant is very unique and stylish. The ambience sure adds to the plus factor of Home Kitchen. When it comes to the food, everything is yum and served to perfection. Dishes such as the lemon and vanilla risotto make this restaurant popular among modern foodies.


Boathouse Wine and Grill

Found at Kata Beach, this serves mouthwatering gourmet European and Asian favorites. The décor is stylish and the overall atmosphere is in harmony with its beachfront setting.




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