Bali Watersports

Bali Watersports

With its many enchanting beaches, it is no surprise that Bali is also a popular destination among water sports enthusiasts. Aside from swimming, there are other things you can do while enjoying the refreshing waters of the island. Whether you like intense and action packed activities or you prefer a relaxing, pretty safe kind of water sport, Bali has many things for you to choose from.


Bali is highly popular as a surfing capital since it has great beaches that have challenging waves. Whether you are an expert surfer or are just planning to learn how to surf, Bali is a great venue for you. There is a number of surfing camps on the island to get you started. Equipment and surfing clothing are both accessible on the island as well. For amateur surfers, the more forgiving beaches are Seminyak Beach and Legian Beach. Other beaches are not recommended as they are either too small or too dangerous for this particular sport. Another recommended beach for a newbie surfer is Kuta, although you have to be patient as this beach is crowded most of the time.



For those who’d like to take surfing to another notch, there is kitesurfing. This is a very exciting sport that takes time to master. It sure is a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. With kitesurfing, a giant kite allows you to glide across the water. This requires strong winds and a lot of hand-eye coordination. Kiteboarding or kitesurfing is actually a mix of wake boarding, surfing, and wind surfing. If you decide to kitesurf in Bali check Sanur beach, you will find kite schools and profesional who can advice you.


Jet Ski

Riding a jet ski can be a lot of fun and is a great way to explore the island with speed. A place where you can rent a jet ski is at Nusa Dua. Jet skiing is a popular activity among adventurous guests and can be enjoyed on your own or with friends and family.


Aqua Star Riding

The rich marine life of Bali can now be explored using an underwater scooter. Aqua Star Riding is a cool and fun filled activity that you can do while in Bali. This is more family friendly than SCUBA diving and is suitable for kids and even grannies who might be afraid to go diving the usual way.


SCUBA Diving

Still among the best ways to explore underwater, SCUBA remains to be a hot activity on the island of Bali. There are plenty of diving sites in Bali such as the Tanjung Benoa Beach. Here, an expert will teach you the basics of SCUBA diving and take you to an underwater adventure you will never forget.


Deep Walker

Yet another way to witness Bali’s rich marine life is through an activity called Deep Walking. Here you can actually walk on the bottom of the ocean where your eyes can feast on some of the island’s exotic water species. A session takes half an hour and allows the person to feed the fishes. This activity while safe, is not recommended for people with respiratory issues as well as those who are pregnant and with heart problems.


Banana Boat

A banana boat ride is a cool outdoor activity that you can do while at the beach. The beauty of this sport is that all your friends and family can be on one boat, which is great if you came to the island for some bonding experience. The trip usually lasts for 15 minutes with the supervision of an expert.



For folks who love activities that get the adrenaline pumping, one sport to try in Bali is parasailing. After all, what could be cooler than sailing with a colorful parachute? Locals and tourists alike go crazy over this sport. It is surely a fun way to see the rugged landscapes of the island.


Fly Fish

An exciting water sport for those who want some action is the Fly Fish. Here you can experience the rush of flying with the use of rubber boats. Fly Fish is a must try.


Water Ski

An activity that you can try at Tanjung Benoa is water ski. Very similar to skiing and surfing, this sport involves a lot of footwork and takes lots of guts to perform. Water skiing is usually done in the morning, when the tides are still favorable.


Wake Boarding

Bali is a great destination for all levels of wake boarding. Wake boarding is an exciting sport but requires formal lessons in order to ensure safety.


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